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Love Your Car?

The Service Center York is the top shop in York, PA for auto repair, truck repair, maintenance and diagnostics for your vehicle. Our high level of experience and expertise, our commitment to customer service, and our affordable rates are all great reasons to bring your vehicle in for service.

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Our Services

Vehicle Pickup and Delivery

Conveniently located by York Hospital, we provide complimentary vehicle pickup and delivery within a two mile radius

Auto Maintenance & Auto Repair

PA State Inspection, PA State Emmissions Inspection, oil change, oil filter replacement, starting & charging system check, battery replacement, alternator replacement, starter replacement

Exhaust Repair

Exhaust inspection, muffler replacement, catalytic converter replacement, center exhaust section replacement, downpipe replacement

Tire & Wheel Services

Tire repair, tire rotation, wheel balancing, tire installation, four-wheel alignment, two-wheel alignment

Engine Diagnostics & Repair

Engine tune-up, engine diagnostics, serpentine belt replacement, timing belt replacement, differential repair

Electrical Systems Repair

Tires, Wheels, Axle / CV Joint / Driveshaft Repair, Belts and Hoses, Brakes, Cooling System / Radiator, Diesel Engine Systems, Differential Repair

Transmission Repair

Manual transmission repair, automatic transmission repair, clutch replacement, transmission replacement

Brake Repair

Brake inspection, brake rotor replacement, front disc brake repair, rear disc brake repair, parking brake repair

Heating & Cooling System Repair

Heater hose replacement, radiator hose replacement, radiator replacement, cooling system flush & fill, air conditioning system Service, heating system service

Steering & Suspension Systems

Driveshaft balance, CV Joint replacement, CV axle replacement, shocks replacement, struts replacement, ball joint replacement, inner tie rod & outer tie rod replacement

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